Thursday, January 13, 2011


As some of you might know, when I'm not blogging I'm working on countless video projects that quench my thirst and love for cinema and take up a large amount of my free time. Well one of my most recent projects comes in the form of a Christmas themed Grindhouse horror flick called 'Tis The Season To Be Dead'. The project is much in the same vain as my Musky! Trailer, that I did a few months ago. 

After working on 'Musky!' and having such a great time filming the thing, I decided to keep the momentum going and possibly start creating a whole entire collection of these kind of short movie trailers. This idea sprouted from the same concept that director Eli Roth was rumored to start work on called Trailer Trash, but sadly he has yet to get his ass in gear and follow through with this interesting concept.

Well I'm tired of waiting for him to get it together so in that mind set, I'm going to continue to churn these babies out every so often and eventually compile them all onto a DVD with Grindhouse inspired commercials and advertisements in-between each trailer. It should be entertaining as hell when it's all finally put together.

The current trailer that I'm working on is called Tis The Season To Be Dead. It's a Christmas slasher film where a deranged man named Henry Kringle goes completely berserk on Christmas night, dressing up as santa and executing a bloody massacre as he judges who has been naughty and nice. The style is definitely from somewhere in the 70's and 80's and I've added a few Giallo elements to make it more of a hybrid piece.

As of now, I've just completed all of the filming on Tis The Season To Be Dead and all of the editing and color correction work has been completed. Now all I have to do is compose a handful of musical tracks to accompany the piece and we should be good to go.

For now, I have a slew of stills for you to check out which should give you a pretty clear idea and a sense of the flavor of this demented Christmas flick. I'll be posting the full trailer up as soon as it is completed, but for now enjoy the screen captures and Merry F'n Christmas!

Main Title shot at end of trailer.
A nice stylized shot of my made up production company.
Me in full Henry Kringle mode, as I dust off a Santa figurine.
Another shot of me in my workshop. What a nutjob!
It's time for Kringle to kill!
What kind of a pervert jerks off with a ski mask on? NAUGHTY!
Santa disapproves and marks another name down in his list.
Santa uses an illegal choke hold to get the job done.
I make a hideous women, but damn does that Christmas sweater look nice.
Not even the camera man is safe from..... SANTA!
A trippy sequence where Henry Kringle begins to lose his mind.
Stare into the soul of a maniac.
Another colorful sequence inspired by the imagery found in most Giallos.
Santa is pissed off!
Who knew that Santa knew opera?
Peekaboo you fucks you!
Probably one of my favorite scenes in this trailer.
What a disgusting peace of trash.
Ding Dong. You're dead!
Not what you want to see when looking in the rear view mirror.
Scared out of his mind?
Shitting his pants?
My wife gets involved in the slasher festivities as a victim of Kringle.
Henry Kringle is a bad ass!
Don't piss this trailer trash off. He's got nunchucks!
Pre nunchuck action.
Damn that boy's got skill with a nunchuck!
A pretty bad ass shot of Kringle with ax ready.
Henry Kringle's killing spree continues in.... Kill Kringle Kill!

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