Thursday, January 27, 2011


It's time for another update on what I've been doing with my time outside of the blog-o-sphere and as of most recently, I've been working on another trailer for my trailer compilation project. This time it's a hybrid of french new wave cinema styles with a blood splattering of vampire and religious lore that I like to call, Soulless. This was initially going to be a short film and I'm basically 60% done with the filming of it, but for now I transformed it into a nice addition for my trailer compilation project. I still need to think of a name for this monstrosity of trailer goodness.

The trailer is all edited at the moment and all I need to do is create some catchy melodies to accompany the depressing visuals. Hopefully I'll be able to churn some stuff out this weekend and complete it. For now, here's a few stills from the trailer to give you an idea of what it looks like. Enjoy and stay tuned for the full trailer and a long list of overdue reviews.

Pretty sweet and classy looking production logo.
This place is dead!
This scene was a pain in the ass and very tiring.
Very cool shot and for some reason makes me think of Carnival of Souls.
Finally made it to the homestead.
Roll out the assortment of weapons. Vampires beware!
I really love this holy water shot with the cross in the background.
A pretty strange shot that is surprisingly ominous.
Shit there's someone behind me!
Getting ready to do some damage. 
A haunting shot from the basement of my cottage.
A weird shot but for some reason I'm digging it.
One of my favorite shots in the film. Looks so damn bad ass!
Back you demon!
Burn baby burn!
A simple but effective title.

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