Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MY FILM: Among the Fallen Stills

It's been a while since I talked about my first feature film, Among the Fallen, which has been in production for a ridiculous amount of years, but I've got a first of many updates on the progress of my film. I've finally decided to finish this bad boy off, so I'm staying focused and concentrating all of my efforts on wrapping everything up. The film is about 90% complete and I just have a few things left to iron out, like a few musical tracks and a handful of sound effects to create.

Hopefully I'll be seeing the end of the road on this production soon, and with some luck, be able to showcase it off at a few of the local horror conventions and film festivals in the area. Well, for your viewing pleasure, here's a shitload of stills from the film that give a great example of the style and imagery of this surreal zombie flick. Enjoy and keep a look out for the end credit sequence that I've just finished over the weekend. I'll be posting it later tonight.

The start of a very messed up day.
It's one of those sassy zombies. Talk to the hand!
What a beautiful place for a zombie uprising.
Scott gets caught laying down on the job.
Welcome to the cabin of DOOM!
Clean up on aisle six.
I reenact the horror of walking in on my parents.
Damn these energy efficient light bulbs!
Now Pat takes a moment to rest.... in peace.
Extra! Extra! The Dead Walk!
Let me give you a hand.
I take a break to gather my wits.
What kind of creep walks around with a lantern?
Pat plays a good walking corpse.
Peek a boo you fucks you.
Just getting some exercise in on the road of death.
Doc's zombie rises from the depths.
Man this shot bites!
I'm disgusted at what I see... The crew demanding they get paid.
And I ran.... I ran so far away.
Bloodied and beaten, I carry on with the filming.
Scott gets axed. Oooh that's gotta hurt!
Old man Peabody used to own all this land as far as the eye can see.
I get ready to bring the pain.
The saddest zombies in the world.
Don't go into the long grass! Don't go into the long grass!
What's that pervert looking at?
Pat gets up, close, and personal with the camera.
Me wondering if this film will ever be finished.
There's no saving that shirt buddy.
Look into the eyes of a maniac.
Find anything yet? We ain't find SHIT!
Time to kill some zombies.
When boy meets chainsaw.
Hey Mike.... SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!
Taking a break after a night of zombie slaying.
This is the Christmas gift that's supposed to knock my socks off?
It seemed like such a peaceful place.


  1. Wow, Jay, there's some eerily beautiful photographic shots there. My favorite images are #'s 3, 10, 14, 16, 24 and 39. Now I know where your blog images comes from. How long is this movie, by the way?

  2. Thanks for the amazing compliments Venom! This is my first feature film, so I'm always a little nervous that my visual sense might be out of whack or something. Nice to know that you dug them.

    Yeah that's where all of my images for the site come from. When I first started the blog, I was finishing up on the art for the film, so I figured I'd combine the two projects together.

    The movie clocks in at just under an hour, so I think it actually qualifies as a feature film when I go to enter it into some festivals. I didn't really have a set time limit in mind when filming. I was just concentrating on telling the story I wanted told and making it as cinematic and coherent as possible while laying out the mysterious themes of the film.

    Thanks again for the comments. It helps me gather some much needed confidence, right before I proceed to finish off the film and enter it into some fests.

  3. Hey, awesome, Jay! Keep us posted on the films progress!