Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MY FILM: Among the Fallen End Credits

As promised, here is the end credits sequence to my film Among the Fallen. Not too many people were involved in the production, but the few demented souls that did participate did an amazing job. Topped with the fact that we all did it for no money and just invested our own time into the production, speaks volumes for our dedication to bring something of our own to the world of cinema. 

The end credits sequence went through a few stages before we found our end design and it was merely by accident that we finally came to the final result. It was initially going to be shown as the typical black background and white scrolling text, but was then changed when the closing montage of images during the final moments of the film seemed to hold the right ingredients to contain the credits. 

The idea for the closing moments of the film was conceptualized by myself and then filmed by Kevin Mitchell. With just a two man crew, we went about shooting the scene,  setting up all the photos and blood and then proceeded to film the sequence on the fly. This allowed for Kevin's creative muses to take over and free form the pacing of the sequence, feeling it out as he went. Then in post, I applied a few color gradients over the footage to give it a prismatic color palate and make it more visually distinct. Finally, Trey Sargent then composed a haunting musical track to accompany the flow of the sequence and by following the vivid imagery and blurry nature of the sequence, we ended up having a rather interesting closing moment to the film.

Seeing that the sequence was a perfect moment for us to forgo the traditional scrolling text for the end credits, Scott Martin one of the producers of the film, thought it would be interesting to put the credits over the closing montage of the film because it tended to drag on a bit and the overall look of the scene was rather dreamlike and surreal. Thankfully, we went that route and came up with a rather unique way to display all the names of the people who made this film possible.

The sequence ended up turning out better then I had expected and it made for a perfect ending to the film. So without further ado, here is the end result in all it's glory. Enjoy.

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