Friday, February 11, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT: Trailer Obscura

If you've been following the site as of late then you might have noticed the barrage of random movie trailers that have been flooding most of my updates here on The Lucid Nightmare. If you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, then let me explain.

I've been recently hard at work compiling a collection of fake and real movie trailers made by myself and a core group of friends. The trailers are inspired by some of our in-production projects and from random ideas and concepts that pop into our demented little heads. The idea to make a compilation of trailers sprang to life after Grindhouse came out a few years ago and I've been mulling over bringing this idea to life ever since. Well I'm happy to say that we've got a few gems under our belt in the form of Musky!, Tis The Season To Be DEAD, The Book of Jacob Huxley, The Wanderer, Soulless, Corjo and Kill Kringle Kill. I've also been hard at work scripting a slew of trailers to come. 

I'm particularly looking forward to working on the killer Sasquatch film 'It Came From The Woods', the creepy prank calling 80's slasher film 'The Whisperer', a morbidly atmospheric zombie film called 'The Night of the Walking Corpses, the trippy giallo flick 'In the Eye of the Violet Prism', and the old school 50's creature feature 'Mad Ants'. We've got a lot of work in the pipeline and you'll be hearing and seeing more about these trailers as the months go by, but the main reason for my announcement is that I finally came up with a name for the compilation. Trailer Obscura.

I thought it would be appropriate to go with a title that is as ambiguous, obscure, and as random as the trailers that will take up its runtime. It's going to be a strange collection of trailers so I wanted to capture that essence some way in the title and hopefully Trailer Obscura does it justice. Well that's it for now and stay tuned for my next update on this tremendous undertaking of trailer movie goodness.

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