Sunday, September 25, 2011

MY FILM: Among the Fallen Premiere

Well it's a mere 6 days away from the premiere of my first film, Among the Fallen, and I'm nervous as all hell. The movie will be playing at the Cinema Wasteland Show in Strongsville, Ohio on October 1st and I'm really hoping that people get the flick or that they are at least entertained by it.

Our small tight knit crew of friends and acquaintances put a lot of effort into the film, working long cold and bloody nights, all for the payment of a few McDonald's cheeseburgers. The fact that they stayed with the production over the years and never gave up on the final film, or me, really speaks wonders for their determination and trust to the story that I was crafting. I couldn't have asked for a more dedicated and selfless crew. Hopefully horror fans outside of our little circle can appreciate the demented little tale that we have created and be swept away within this intimate and surreal zombie film.

I've just finished the flyers for the Cinema Wasteland show and the upcoming Eerie Horror Film Festival event, so check them out below. If you're in the area of either event or already have tickets, stop on in and check the flick out. I can't wait to unleash this film onto the public and see what they think, yet my nerves are still shaky at the prospect of putting such a personal film out there for all to see. What the hell... you only live once.


  1. It's only natural that you would be, but I don't think you have anything to be nervous about, Jay. You pulled off something a lot of us would have liked to do and so much of it is so well put together. I hope it goes over well for you!

  2. Thanks Brian. That helps, but I'm still nervous. Haha. I think it should go over well though, I just have that first time premiere jitters.