Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EQUINOX vs EVIL DEAD: Comparing Cult Classics

There are some eerie similarities between the films Equinox and The Evil Dead, but it's not until you start to compare the two movies side by side that you really get to see some strikingly parallel imagery that seems dangerously close to one another.

I've always thought that both films felt like companion pieces to each other and after putting together this segment, I'm convinced that Sam Raimi and Company have borrowed some aspects of the earlier production and were in fact inspired by the outlandish nature and weird world of Equinox.

Don't take my word for it, because a picture speaks louder then words. The comparisons are surprisingly complementary, almost suggesting that The Evil Dead was a rough remake of the strange 1970's cult classic. So what do you think? Is The Evil Dead the long lost cousin of Equinox, or is this all just poppycock?


  1. I totally agree, Jay. I briefly touched on this very subject in the last Famous Monsters Memories article I did back in july.

  2. Yeah, I know. It seems so odd that there are so many similarities between the two enjoyable films. I kind of like the weirdness of the connection. It adds to the atmosphere of both films.

  3. Got a request actually....I've beenhunting for a jpeg/ high res of just the evil dead Kandar castle for years.....looking to build a Diorama, so i need a shot just as background....that image above would be perfect....but i need much higher res? literally been hunting for years...can anybody help me?