Thursday, July 21, 2011


Le Orme, aka Footprints on the Moon, is a 1975 mind trip of a flick directed by italian filmmaker Luigi Bazzoni. With a complex story that balances memories and hauntingly vibrant imagery, I thought it would be prevalent to add a handful of images from this mesmerizing film to the All The Colors segment of the site.

 The story of this genre masher is a bit of a brain twister, but the basic premise of the film follows a woman by the name of Alice who seems to have an unusual problem on her hands. Peculiarly she has missed a few days of her life and has no recollection on what occurred within the blank spot of her mind. As the film follows her surreal journey to the truth of those missing days, the look of the movie begins to progressively delve into some out of this world imagery that propels the visual aesthetics of the film into uncharted waters and surprising situations.

As Alice gets closer to the truth, the film begins to come to life with some overpowering and saturated colors. I've selected a slew of stills that represent the most hectic and mind boggling moments of the film, so enjoy the madness of it all.

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