Saturday, April 23, 2011

MY FILM: Among the Fallen Preview

Hey everyone. I'm back again with another update on my film, Among the Fallen. I've got a series of four scenes to show off and they represent some of the various locations and looks of the film. It should give you a good idea of the quality of the movie and the overall atmosphere that I was going for in the whole piece.

First off, is a scene early in the film where our main character Will Ashford first comes into contact with one of the strange watchers that plague the story. A zombie demon hybrid of sorts, the quiet strangers progressively begin to drive Will insane until he finally succumbs to a savage retaliation while fighting for his survival and his very soul.

After surviving the night, Will tries to escape from the Watchers and their soulless and ever watchful eyes. Setting off down a never ending road, he finds that leaving this nightmare is easier said then done when some unseen entity begins hunting him.

Finding out that no matter how hard he tries to escape, Will discovers that every road seems to work its way back to the cabin. Fearing that he has to spend another night under the decrepit gaze of the Watchers, he prepares for a long and bloody night of terror. The Watchers, once docile and complacent, quickly turn into ravenous beasts thirsting for nothing but Will's own flesh. Barricading himself into a back room, Will struggles to hold back the oncoming zombie horde.

Finally, as Will reaches his boiling point. He begins to fight back against the bloodthirsty menace, using any and everything to cut down the numbers of these insurmountable foes. It's going to be one bloody night.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little preview and I also hope it gave you a little more information on what to expect when the full film is later premiered. As always, all comments, questions and criticisms are welcomed and thanks for checking out the videos.

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