Friday, April 8, 2011

MY FILM: Among the Fallen Trailer

It's time for another update on my film, Among the Fallen. This time I've got the final trailer for you and it seems that my five year journey with this film is finally coming to a close. I tried to keep the trailer as mysterious and surreal as possible so not to give too much away about the film and at the same time peak people's interests into wanting to dive into this interesting story.

The trailer runs just over two minutes long, but it's packed with some interesting imagery that clearly defines what you're going to get with this film. Well, let's get right down to it and check out the trailer. Let me know what you think because all criticisms and comments are more then welcome. Thanks for checking it out. Enjoy.

Among the Fallen Trailer by jayskitstar


  1. Thanks Sergio! Took a lot of hard work and time, but the film came out excellent. Glad you liked the trailer.

  2. The trailer is really quite accomplished, Jay. I like it a lot! It looks unusually slick for an indy effort. Also, it maintains an air of mystery about it as it doesn't reveal an awful lot, but a number of the images do give off a nightmarish quality which I assume is what you were trying to get across with this trailer.

    Apologies for being late to getting to this, but I've been going through some personal issues lately and am now having to play catch up with everybody. Great stuff, Jay, congrats!

  3. Thanks venoms5! Yeah I was trying to go for a nightmarish quality with the imagery, because a lot of the film delves into some serious issues like depression and personal loss. I used a lot of the horror genres creepy and uncompromising visuals to convey in a way the mental experience that a person goes through when dealing with those kind of issues. I'm glad my efforts are paying off and thanks for the great comments.

    No need to apologize for the delay. I've also got a shit load of personal issues going on myself, which is why the site hasn't really been updated recently with any new reviews.

    Thanks again for the input and impressions, they're greatly appreciated. I recently entered the film into a horror festival for October, so I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes well and it gets a showing.