Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hey everyone! I’ve got a new segment that I’d like to announce and I’m calling it, Film This. In this brand spanking new segment I’ll be covering the world of graphic novels, focusing mainly on stories that I’d like to see brought to the big or small screen. I figured that it might be interesting to branch out from my cinematic comfort zone and adventure through some uncharted waters, hopefully unearthing some entertaining visual tomes that could possibly breathe new life into the cinema world and maybe even spark some of your guys’ interests into the realm of graphic novels.

The first novel I’m going to cover is Frank Miller’s Hard Boiled, which is a science fiction/noir hybrid that has enough gore and violence to satisfy any genre fan out there, so stay tuned for that and don’t be afraid to explore all that The Lucid Nightmare has to offer. There’s some pretty interesting films embedded in the archives of this obscure place so happy hunting and enjoy!

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