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i SPY EUROSPY: Spies Strike Silently

Spies Strike Silently
Director: Mario Caiano
Year 1966
Spies Strike Silently is a fun little Eurospy film which features a mysterious organization hell bent on controlling the world. What sets this film apart from other Eurospy movies with similar plot lines is the simple fact that this diabolical group is rather intimidating and accomplished in their nefarious activities. With an abundance of paranoid atmosphere and a dead serious tone, Spies Strike Silently is an interesting entry in the always entertaining Euro-espionage genre.
The film follows secret agent Michael Drum as he is assigned to a most sinister case involving mind control and world domination. Recently, a large number of top scientists have been assassinated and it’s up to Agent Drum to get to the bottom of these sordid deaths. As his investigation takes him deeper inside of the conspiracy, Drum finds that he could be the next victim of this mysterious organization which seems determined on stalling human progression in order to control the world’s population. With an action packed plot and a cast full of engaging characters, Spies Strike Silently is a mission you won’t soon forget, that is unless you’re brainwashed to.

Lang Jeffries plays the role of the hardened secret agent Michael Drum, and he takes on the character with a grim attitude and a no nonsense type of demeanor that is a far cry from the majority of super agents that have come down the pipeline of the genre. He’s got the look of a secret agent down, often resembling Sean Connery’s James Bond when decked out in a black tuxedo. It seems that Lang has done a number of Eurospy films, but unfortunately this is my first introduction to his work in this particular field. His agent in Spies Strike Silently is exceptionally acted, as he brims with confidence, taking on the bad guys with determination and skill. Lang’s portrayal of Michael Drum is one of the high points of this film and Jeffries carries the narrative every step of the way.
Attributing to the eye candy portion of the film is Emma Danieli who plays the role of Grace Holt, a kidnapped woman forced to live in solitude within the diabolical lair of the secret organization. Emma isn’t given very much to do here and she isn’t introduced until almost an hour into the movie, but she does a commendable job with the sparse role that she is given. Her overall function for the story is to be Michael Drum’s damsel in distress, giving our hero someone to pine over while rescuing her from the terrible situation that she finds herself in. Emma looks wonderful in the role and she has a tremendous subtlety to her that adds to her vulnerability. She may not have much to do in the film, but she looks good while doing it and that’s always a plus in my book.

The main villain of the piece is played by Andrea Bosic, and boy is he a son of a bitch. He takes on the role of Rachid, the leader of the organization that aims to control every last man, woman, and child in order for him to play god over a new world order. His plans are diabolical like all master criminals plans are in these movies, but his execution is quite remarkable and cold. His specialty is mind control and he uses this technique on anyone he can get his hands on. Andrea gives the character a heartless outlook on humanity which is void of sympathy and compassion. He’s exceptionally cold, making for a memorable villain and formidable bad guy for Michael Drum to butt heads with.
With a pretty solid cast of characters, Spies Strike Silently also benefits from a rather ambitious and intriguing plot that features the previously mentioned mind control. Throughout the film, Michael Drum encounters a number of people that, for all intensive purposes, look normal and harmless, but beneath that guise is an assassin ready to strike. These brainwashed citizens are so abundant and catch our heroes off guard so many times, that you begin to think that the bad guys might very well accomplish their goal of world domination. This fear of failure reaches momentous proportions when Drum is captured by Rachid and his organization and threatened with undergoing the mind control procedure himself, which involves sitting in a trippy room filled with abstract art, strapped to an arm chair that looks like something you’d find in a dentist’s office from hell. The theatrical nature of this procedure is top notch, but the end result which transforms these ordinary people into mindless black eyed drones is rather unsettling to see play out. All in all, the film does a whole hell of a lot of things right and it makes for a fantastic Eurospy viewing.

Spies Strike Silently is a surprisingly serious espionage effort that leaves the more comical aspects of the genre by the wayside in order to tell a substantially more vivid tale of paranoia and mistrust. Lang Jeffries makes for an excellent secret agent, and his portrayal of Michael Drum and his no nonsense approach to spying is an interesting take on the typical archetype of a super spy.
The rest of the cast carry their weight exceptionally well, with Emma Danieli and Andrea Bosic both coming out on top with their characters of Grace Holt and the evil Rachid. Bosic’s cold demeanor makes us believe that he can pull off the impossible and enslave the world and the film backs up these threats with a series of masterfully executed scenes that prove the power of this organization and the tremendous control it has over its followers. With all of these elements firmly in place, this Italian and Spanish co-production makes for some fun viewing. Spies Strike Silently really struck a cord with me and if you enjoy espionage films that tweak the formula a bit, then you might dig this one as well. This film is definitely an……

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