Wednesday, March 14, 2012

i SPY EUROSPY: Top Secret

Top Secret
Director: Fernando Cerchio
Year 1967
Top Secret is a remarkably fun Eurospy film that features super spy Gordon Scott mixing it up with a slew of gorgeous women, one of them being a secret agent herself who turns out to be quite a match for the debonair spy. The twists and turns are frantic, and the playful competition between the two spies makes the film a very entertaining and surprising ride. With two super spies in one movie, how could you go wrong?
The movie sets the stage when a man escapes from a Russian prison and then from a United States embassy, taking with him some very important top secret information from both sides. With tensions between the United States and Russia at a fevered pitch, each nation assigns a secret agent to the job of hunting down the man and retrieving the secrets that he might let spill out to their respective enemies. The Americans send the suave agent John Sutton to solve the case, while the Russians send their own secret weapon. Sandra Dubois. She’s a sexy femme fatale that just so happens to be Sutton’s one and only weakness. Will John Sutton be able to fight temptation and stick to the case at hand, or will he let his attraction to the opposite sex get the better of him in this wacky spy entry? What follows is a series of fun filled events that have both John Sutton and Sandra Dubois tracking the globe in search of the man behind this diabolical plot, while double crossing each other every step of the way.

Gordon Scott plays the role of John Sutton, the charismatic agent that can get out of any situation no matter how impossible. Scott provides the much needed cocky persona and physical build to pull off Agent Sutton and along with these two traits, he also adds a good deal of comedic moments to his character. Having only appeared in one other Eurospy film, Danger! Death Ray, Scott isn’t as much of a veteran actor of the sub genre of spy films as his other secret agent counterparts, but you wouldn’t know if from his performances. In each film he brings a solid and entertaining character to life, one that is both competent with the athleticism that is required for the role plus he’s also able to balance that with delivering an equally charismatic and engaging agent. Without a doubt, if he would have continued acting in films after Top Secret, he would have made some damn fine Eurospy flicks because the man really owned the genre for the short time he participated in it.
Last but definitely not least, of this double-decker secret agent sandwich, is Magda Konopka, who plays the sexy and vivacious Sandra Dubois. It’s refreshing to see a female character in these types of flicks, which can keep up with the male protagonist in everything that they do, plus look damn good in the process. Magda gives her Russian spy a thoughtful and intelligent disposition, always seeming to come out on top and thwart the opposition at every turn. What is also interesting about her role is that we aren’t really sure whose side she is on throughout the movie. We are never really clear on whom she is working for or if she is in cahoots with the bad guys. This uncertainty gives her character an extra jolt, one that sparks across the screen every time she comes on. In reality she doesn’t need that extra spark because Magda Konopka is just gorgeous, with a natural beauty that is absolutely stunning to witness. She belongs in this kind of genre and her role in this film is so essential in bringing about something new in the Eurospy world. The playful spy games that Agent Dubois and Agent Sutton play with each other is what makes this film so much damn fun.

Speaking of espionage games, there are tons of it. Gordon Scott’s Sutton character seems to get the worst of these playful tussles, always ending up covered in suet or disheveled beyond belief. It’s actually rather comical to see what appears to be a leading man in a spy film, being run through the mud and beaten at every turn by a sneaky femme fatale who seems determined to steal this film right out from under him. It’s a concept that hasn’t really been explored in a Eurospy film before, aside from maybe Dick Smart 2.007, but this film handles this undiscovered frontier in expertise fashion. Scott and Konopka are wonderful together and they match each other in both looks and physical abilities. The chemistry is perfect between the two and you can see why they were both chosen for their separate roles.

The tug of war between the two stars is what makes this film so memorable and unique. There are often times in the movie where you are wondering just who is the real main character of the piece. Both actors are given an equal amount of screen time, with possibly Scott receiving an extra bit of attention. Be that as it may, both actors are prominently featured and the interactions between the two make for a confusing, yet highly enjoyable spy filled ride. I absolutely loved the concept of the dueling spies and the fact that both actors looked so damn good in their roles was an added bonus. How these two accomplished actors never found themselves back in the genre of Eurospy is beyond me, but I’m glad that they were able to exist in this underappreciated film for just this short enjoyable moment in time.

Top Secret is a film that rejects the formula of the genre just enough, that it forges a new path that sets it apart from the rest of the pack. With two agents battling over supremacy of who the true star of the film is, it makes for an interesting premise and sets up some wildly entertaining moments. Both Gordon Scott and Magda Konopka are wonderful in their roles with each looking picture perfect as the dueling secret agents.
It’s hard to stand out in this genre, but Top Secret really does break the mold a bit in quite a few departments. With a solid story and engaging acting, I put this one high up on the list of enjoyable Eurospy flicks. You should really give it a chance and check it out, even if it is just to see two fine actors dip their feet into the Eurospy pond. Top Secret is…..

The name's John Sutton, now prepare to die.

I like Superman.

I'd like to order the breast... I mean CHICKEN BREAST!

The name's Sandra Dubois, now prepare to die.

Oh no! She's using the puppy dog face! Sex is inevitable!

Gordon Scott you old smoothy you.

Shhhhh. I'm spying on naked chicks.

That shovel is for digging me a new rose garden mister.
Not for you to go on a mad killing spree.

Chim Chimney... Chim Chimney... Chim Chim Cher-oo!

Mister... you make one ugly nun!

Sutton! Get off your ass and get back to work!

Gordon Scott gets a kick out of reading fan mail.

Try getting out of this situation Houdini.

Well zippity do dah! The gangs all here.

Not the best place to park, but who am I to judge.

Rest honey. It appears that your sexiness has tuckered you out.

Thumbs up if you think this film rocked.

So can we have sex? You bet your ass we can!


  1. Hi Jay! I don't know if you received my email, but I've been looking for a good copy of this film for awhile now. Where did you get yours?

  2. Sorry must have missed your email somehow. I got my copy from The Wild Eye Eurospy Forum. They've got tons of redub and fansubs there, so many that it will boggle your mind.

    There are a few members on the forum who create and distribute the fansubs and the guy that has Top Secret is Alomaco. Just contact him there and he should hook you up no problem, the guy is great.

    If memory serves me, he's from Australia so it sometimes takes him a day to respond, depending on where you live. I might be getting a hold of him soon to grab up some more eurospy gems. I've got the itch!

  3. Nice, thank you very much! I'm going to get this and Code Name Jaguar to start off my Eurospy fix heheh.

  4. Awesome! Glad I could help. Those are two great flicks, so have a blast!