Sunday, January 22, 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: My Collection & Requests

Hey everyone! I thought it might be a good idea to spice up The Lucid Nightmare a bit and get a little more interactive with the various people that stumble across the site.

I've made the decision to post my entire film collection in the hopes that, by allowing the masses to check out the extensive list, that a few brave souls might take it upon themselves to request specific films that they'd like reviewed or expanded upon.

The cinema landscape can be a daunting thing to dive into and it's always nice to be able to pull from other people's adventures and knowledge in the subject, so if you see something on the list that you've been craving to learn more about, contact me by email, Facebook, comments, or good old fashion pony express (joking of course).

I'm interested to know what you guys would like to read up on and even if the addition of the collection doesn't garner some interactivity within the site, at least repeat viewers can keep up to date with what's in the collection.

Well for those of you that are interested in perusing the shelves in my collection, digitally speaking of course, check it out [HERE] or on the right hand side of the site under the image labeled,

Thanks for checking it out and enjoy.


  1. Hi, Jay. Your collection is quite large. I need to do a new one of these myself. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on some giant monster films, some vintage US fantasy flicks and maybe a blaxploitation or two.

  2. Thanks for checking it out Brian. I'd love to see what crazy gems you have in your collection.

    I've been beefing up my Godzilla entries recently and will be diving head long into the extensive series of films, so I'll be putting up some reviews and overviews of the ones I really dig.

    How vintage are we talking on the fantasy flicks? I'd love to write something up on the various Ray Harryhausen created creature films like Clash of the Titans, Jason and the Argonauts and Mysterious Island. Plus I've been meaning to take on the Sinbad flicks too. Love those ones.

    I wish I had a bigger Peplum collection, because I really enjoyed the various articles that you've written on the subject. I'll have to make it a priority soon to kick start that search and start adding to the collection.

    As far as blaxploitation films go, I only have a modest collection of them, mostly Pam Grier stuff, but I'd love to explore more of what the genre has to offer. Hell I still need to check out the modern retread of the genre, Black Dynamite. That one looks like a hell of a good time.

    So many films and not enough time, but I'll do my best to crank out some of these beauties. Thanks again for checking out the collection.

    1. That's one huge collection! I'd be interested in reading some reviews of obscure Eurospy flicks.

  3. Thanks George! The collection is kind of getting to big to keep track of, because I accidentally ordered two flicks last month that I already had buried deep inside the vault. Haha, Oh well.

    I've been thinking about bringing back another entry of the I Spy Eurospy segment. I recently received a huge haul of obscure Eurospy flicks that include; Dick Smart 2.007, L'Homme de Rio (That Man From Rio), Arriva Dorellik, Upperseven, Death on a Rainy Day (Scorpions & Miniskirts), and Le Monocle rit Jaune. I haven't gotten a chance to check them out yet, but as soon as I do, I'll be writing something up for them for sure.

    I also have a ton more that I haven't gotten the chance to write reviews for, so I have plenty of Eurospy goodness to go around. Hopefully I'll get them up on the site soon.

    Thanks for checking out the Collection and letting me know what reviews you'd like to see. You never can get enough Eurospy!