Thursday, October 13, 2011


Halloween is quickly approaching so I thought I'd get some holiday appropriate material up on to the site.

Here's the title sequence for Halloween 3, which is quite unusual in its slow build up and somberly haunting music. Using computer generated scan lines, the credits gradually build up to what eventually forms a carved pumpkin face. I love the overall effect and felt that it accomplished what it set out to do and that's to introduce the world to this strange little tale about sinister entities bringing about the apocalypse through the deaths of millions of kids wearing their handcrafted masks.

Man that sounded just plain ridiculous to me as I typed it down, but that's basically what goes on in this film. It may not feature Michael Myers, but it still kicks all kinds of Halloween ass. I added a composed image of all of the screen shots that add up to the Jack O Lantern face, just to see where all of the names end up on the layout. Enjoy and happy early Halloween!

The pumpkin face puzzle put together.

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