Wednesday, May 25, 2011


It's time for another title sequence and I've chosen the wacky and wonderful Umberto Lenzi film, Kriminal. Based off of an italian comic created in 1964, the movie features a masked master thief by the name of Kriminal who overcomes insurmountable odds again and again, in his pursuit of diamonds and jewels.

In the film's title sequence, Lenzi and company have opted to pay homage to Kriminal's comic book roots by composing a handful of comic strip images to accompany the cast's credits. Intermixing cartoon stills with live action shots gives the introduction to this film an added spice of fun and also gives way for some very iconic imagery. The sequence perfectly represents the absolute blast that this film is to watch and it gives a good abbreviation of the kind of antics that Kriminal finds himself in.

So without any further explanation, here is the good stuff. Enjoy.

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