Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I figured I'd start another segment on this site where I show various interesting title sequences from some very special films. I got the idea from Bob over at the Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind blog, and I was always fascinated by the sequences that he chose so I opted to bring some great ones of my own to the light of day. Check out Bob's blog if you have a second. He's got tons of info on a wide array of films and he gives some great insight on them.

The film I'll be focusing on is the spanish horror comedy, Sexy Killer, that came out in 2008 and is directed by Miguel Marti. The film follows a female college student who has a pension for dealing out death, all while looking like the spanish version of Paris Hilton. The film is set inside the confines of the school's campus and relies heavily on the imagery that the anatomy department offers, with their open cadavers and pristinely sharp incision tools, and incorporates a sense of fun and silliness that works well against the dark aforementioned material.

Sexy Killer has many stylistic visuals and an interesting blend of horror and comedy. There is also a great mix of sub genres transfixed within the context of the film. It skips around from a high body count slasher movie, to a gore induced zombie film, and then delves into some surreal fantasy landscapes when we get a look inside the female killer's demented but vibrant mind. The opening credits reflect this overabundance of various styles and gives us a motley assortment of images that conjoin all of these ideas together by accomplishing it with an energetic pulse.

I'll be reviewing the full film over the weekend for Slasher Saturday, seeing that it is one unusual slasher hybrid, so keep an eye out for that one. Well here's the sequence and enjoy.

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