Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome To The Lucid Nightmare Blog

Welcome to The Lucid Nightmare Blog, where I'll be discussing everything FILM related from Horror, Sci-Fi, Foreign flicks, and all that is in between.

Movies have and will always be a big part of my life as they mold my mind into one big melding pot of genres. I've been dedicated to hitting up the theaters for the next big film, to amassing and obsessing over a respectable dvd collection, and finally to actually writing, acting, and directing my very own independent films.

I'll be giving my opinions, reviews, and general tid bits from obscure to mainstream films and hopefully enlightening some people on some long lost gems that deserve to be seen by the masses. I'll also be updating on my progress in the film industry as I tackle various film projects so you'll be seeing tons of behind the scenes photos, videos, and trailers of the projects that are plaguing my mind.
So everyone enjoy and prepare for the nightmare.

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