Friday, February 4, 2011

What The Hell Have I Been Doing: The Wanderer

Another update is upon us and this time I've got another trailer in the works. This one is for an obscure film called The Wanderer. I'm creating the trailer from just a handful of stills that I took over almost 10 years ago for a college project.  When it's done it will be rather short, but it should add a nice mixture to the trailer compilation when it's all put together. Well here are the choice stills that I have so enjoy and stay tuned for the trailer next week.

Nothing wrong with a simple title design.

What kind of creep hangs around a cemetery in the middle of winter?

Nothing to see here. Just packing up my ax.

Looks like something out of an REM music video. Everybody hurts.

I'm taking the long walk of shame.

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