Thursday, May 26, 2011

Corjo: The Killer Corgi Trailer

It's Trailer Obscura time! I've just finished a short trailer for my ongoing trailer compilation project and this one features a killer rabid corgi. Yeah, you heard right. A killer rabid corgi named Corjo!

The title role of the little bastard is played by my very own hell hound, Willow, who in his own right is a pain in the ass. We were playing out back and he was covered in mud looking like something out of Cujo so I thought, what the hell let's make this a trailer.

I basically filmed it on the spot and then whipped up this trailer in a matter of seconds, but it's still very effective in portraying an off the wall Grindhouse type vibe. Hopefully it's entertaining, so check it out.

Corjo: The Killer Corgi Trailer by jayskitstar

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