Friday, April 9, 2010

MY FILM: Behind the Scene Photos

I was looking through a bunch of my photos from one of our movie shoots and I came across some behind the scene shots that we took during the filming of Among the Fallen. Figured I'd put some of them up for people to look at and maybe get a different perspective of the film and what we went through in order to make it. Enjoy.

Pat and I watch on as Scott applies the much needed blood for Mike's zombie.

All bloodied up and ready for my close-up.

Mike relaxes under all the pretty lights.

Scott haming it up for the camera as a zombie.

Talking to Mike about what is going on in this next scene.

Now that's a lot of weapons!

It looks like Scott is giving Pat a little backrub before the shoot.

Laying down and taking my blood like a man.

Pat and Dan admiring their make-up job.

Scott our only make-up artist applies Mike with some blood to the eyes.

There's a lot of waiting around when you're a zombie.

The sea was angry that night my friends.

Mike desperately trying to crawl his way out of this movie.

It's glamour gore shots time.

Mike and Pat waiting for their next scene.

My seriously concerned look. Acting!

Break time at McDonalds. Whoooppppieeeee!!

The ominous look of the cottage all lit up in green.

Scott watches on while I practice my daring escape from the cottage scene.

The dreaded bucket of blood.

Scott and I collaborate on the latest footage.

Me after going through hell.

Scott being his usually grumpy self during the shoot.

You just keep making love to that wall pervert.

Cindi Lauper was right, zombies just want to have fun.

Messing around with a chainsaw. Not recommended.

Man those zombies are cool as hell.

The lighting scheme was inspired by Dario Argento's fantastic films.

Giving my Army of Darkness pose.

Brian posing for some zombie glamour shots. Oooh Sexy.

Caught with my pants down!

Looks like a zombie ho-down.

A ghostly image of Mike as a zombie.

The zombies waiting for their cue to start banging like hell.

Wild-eyed and holding a chainsaw. This can't be good.

Working through the midnight hour as I go over the storyboards.

Well, hope you got a good sense of the hell and fun we went through putting the pieces of this movie together. It was a tough ordeal, but the filming aspect of production is done and we just need to put the finishing elements together and we'll have ourselves a pretty entertaining movie. Thanks for checking these photos out and I'll be giving you more information as it comes along.


  1. I really miss those nights at the cottage filming the movie. I'm 100% down whenever you're ready to film something new. I also want to know what in the hell was going on in the zombie ho-down picture.

  2. Writing a horror film is still on the list of writing ventures for me. Looks like you had a lot of fun making the film!

  3. Well Pat we still have to film the Musky! trailer so whenever you're ready we have to get that one done this year.

    Barriesgirl, yeah it was a blast. It seems like every night we were covered in fake blood filming some crazy scene that summer. Good times. You should get on that writing a horror film. I'd be interested in checking that out once your done.